We live and work side by side as full-time studio art potters at Bulldog Pottery.

We planted our artistic roots in central North Carolina, because of

our love for quiet living in a rural setting, and the pottery community of Seagrove.

Pottery on the Hill

Cousins in Clay is a free event open to the public - takes place the weekend after memorial day in Seagrove at Bulldog Pottery and labor day weekend at Michael kline pottery near bakersville, north carolina.

November 1-3 we will be in Washington DC with our work at the Hill Center Old Naval Hospital, on 921 Pennsylvania Avenue. We will join 17 potters at this invitational event.

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Are you a fan of instagram? Join us on Bulldog Pottery instagram. We also have our own individual pages too! One for Bruce Gholson and one Samantha Henneke.

Visit Us in Seagrove NC

Visit us our Contemporary Seagrove pottery in Seagrove, North Carolina. We named Bulldog Pottery in honor of our canine companions,

Come visit us and check out our Seagrove Pottery Community…. we are open Tuesday - Saturday 10:00-5:00 and most Sundays and Mondays.

“The molybdenum crystal is very elusive, less predictable, and more difficult to achieve than most other types of crystal. It differs from the zinc silicate and titanium crystal in that it is usually quite small and shaped like a rectangle, star, or diamond. In multitude they are double refracting, separating light into different colored rays. They seem to float on the surface of the glaze and display all the iridescent colors of the rainbow as light plays over them. The matrix is usually very lustrous and opaque. Often the crystals are very subtle only being seen when the pot is tipped to catch the light.”
— An excerpt by Phyllis Ihrman from the book, Adelaide Alsop Robineau Glory in Porcelain, by Peggy Weiss

The top Banner image is a detail from this vase thrown by Bruce Gholson and is now in the collection of the National Mining Museum in Leadville, Co.